Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anyone want to buy an Autobike?

What is up with these infomercials?  Am I such a sucker that I will buy anything they sell, just so long as they say the same catch phrase over, and over, and over?  When I see all the smiling people using the product I can't help but say, "That could be me chopping onions at a million miles an hour!"

So what if I gotta have a LandRider auto-shifting bike for those Smiling all the way to the bankon-road training sessions and a Gazelle to get in those rainy day cross-training sessions?  They showed me real world examples of people using their products and getting happier and more buffed by the minute.

I also watched much of Senator Obama's infomercial last night.  I gotta say that I am sold.  Even though he didn't offer 3 E-Z payments, and he is certainly not as entertaining as Sarah Palin on SNL, I do think the ideas he was selling were versatile and well-packaged.

...Sometimes I question my ability to make an adult decision.  Is this one of those times? I dunno.