Friday, September 28, 2007

Reconstituting Marshmallows

I have a problem that started small, but seems to have developed into a potential life-changing event.   You see, I have this bag of marshmallows that I left in the garage one day.  It subsequently melted and solidified into a gob of goo.  Although the marshmallows have retained their original form, they are glued together from all directions.   Pulling them apart is a mess; marshmallow goes everywhere (and when I write about it, my keyboard gets sticky).

I’ve spent about 2 hours trying to un-stick them from each other, and from the bag.  Now my microwave is acting strange and my oven has giant mounds of charcoal bits stuck to the bottom.  Freezing didn’t help either.  Luckily, my freezer is no worse of wear.

Does anyone know how I can get these back to their original form?  I am at my freakin' wit's end!  Geez, if the factory can make them separate, why can’t I?  This is starting to look like a failed effort.  I would hate to give up, but I am thinking maybe I need to buy another bag. 

There has got to be a lesson in all of this:  Use the right tool for the job?  Buy a new one vs.. fixing a broken one?  When your wife tells you not to put the bag in the oven, DON'T!?  Don’t leave marshmallows in the garage?