Friday, February 13, 2009

A day that didn't suck

It seems that every few weeks I do a day trip down to LA for meetings ‘n’ stuff.  I don’t particularly like travelling. Let’s be honest; it’s not the most efficient use of time. (Quick show of hands: Who likes to cut out 14 hours of their life for 8 hours of work?  Nobody?  Now, who does 8 hours of work in an 8 hour meeting?  Nobody.)  But during my last trip I did make a potentially life changing discovery.  This simple event turned an unenjoyable waste of time into a day that didn’t suck.

Perusing through the Sky Mall magazine, you know the freebee mail order catalog that has sells everything from portable workout equipment to use while you are sitting idle in your hotel room, to jewelry to send your wife while apologizing for never being home, I came across a most interesting find.  This, I thought, would be the turning point of my cycling career.  It could transform me from a guy who thinks he is pretty good to a guy who is pretty good. 

The Gravity DefyerIt is… (before reading further, cup your hands around your mouth and read aloud in an ominous God-like voice) …”The Gravity Defyer!”  Just look at all the many benefits.  I just buy it and I’ll have less fatigue, be more active, perform better, be instantly comfortable...and have that Gravity Defying feeling! (which has got to be good) 

Of course looking like a million dollars, being 2” taller, and not having foot odor are kind of nice too.

I scrambled to find a price and phone number to call.  I searched found it buried elsewhere on the page.  “Only $129.99,” I thought, “I guess that does not include installation.”  

In the end though I am glad it was only a day trip.  When I got home, Laura talked me out of buying it.  “You already look like a million dollars.”  How sweet is that?