Monday, March 17, 2008

Quantity or Quality?

If you are like me and think you know just about everything, every once in a while something new comes along.  It is certainly refreshing to find something new, because now I can say, “Up until today, I thought I knew everything.  But there was something that I did not know.  However, now that I have learned that, I do know everything.”  Let me share with you my new-found knowledge.

Let’s start off with a question – an easy one.  Is this guy a sprinter?


Answer: no. 

OK.  So we all got that one, but it’s not because the tires go flat every time he mounts the bike.Today, researchers at Stanford announced that although Human Growth Hormone can build muscles, it does not boost athletic performance.  Why??  Well, an analysis of a 27 HGH related studies (with a total of 303 participants) reveals that

1) Lean body mass was increased, but an accompanying strength increase was not shown.  Turns out the lean body mass seems to be the result of fluid retention. 

…and (here is the kicker)…

2) The hormone resulted in the generation of more lactate.  “In one study,…two cyclists given the hormone stopped a workout because of fatigue.

Say what?  You got it baby.  You weigh more, and get tired easier!  Not a plan for successful cycling, for sure.  Now you know everything too.