Friday, June 06, 2008

My Lawn Rocks

Is your green thumb actually red, dried up, and shriveled?  Are you a lazy bum who wants to spend his weekends on the couch?  Are you completely inept in your ability to properly maintain, feed, and grow a yard that doesn't fuel the housing market decline?  If you are like me, you answered "yes" to all these questions.

lawn.JPGRecently, I decided to go for broke and buy synthetic grass.  That's right, "Welcome to the world of astro-turf, Mr. Spano." Actually, it is a pretty smart decision. There were a lot of reasons why I thought I should go for it, but mostly I was driven by the desire to save thousands of gallons of water, and keep the air free of lawnmower pollution.  (Hey man, we're talking about pulling the equivalent of 43 cars off the road!)  OK, so maybe the truth is that I am just lazy.  Either way, I kinda like the irony of justifying pulling out a lawn by claiming it is "going green."

So how's it look? lawncloseup.JPG Pretty darn good...and a helluva lot better than any lawn I could ever keep!  Put it this way, everyone stops and stares.  Everyone.  I even caught our local landscaping crew driving by real slow, trying to figure it all out.  Of course I can't tell if people are staring at it like they do at J. Lo's butt, or if they are staring at it like the bearded lady at the circus.

At this point I don't really care though.  I don't have to mow or fight weeds ever again...I mean, I am saving the planet!

The company I used was Progreen International.  I don't know if it is the best, but there are certainly no regrets here.