Friday, October 10, 2008

World's fugliest $118,000 bike

So, maybe it's the only $118,000 bike, but with the recent stock market activities, I am not sure it is a good investment of my hard-won racing dollars.

Ok, maybe I have not won that much money, and maybe even if the stock market was skyrocketing,Aurumania Gold Plated Bike I still wouldn't buy the thing.  But for goodness sakes, what idiot would?!?

Not that the 24k gold plating, the Swarovski crystals aren't worth it.  It's just that that stuff is not supposed to even be on a bike!  That's for stuff like necklaces and nipple rings.

Then, to top it all off, the thing is not the prettiest bike in the world either.  Granted, physical beauty shouldn't be used as a measurement for something's value - unless of course, it is completely f-ing useless otherwise! TooMuchMoney_Mount

If you're not convinced, then go for it!  Pick one up, resist the urge to melt the thing down and collect the proceeds from the raw materials, and have a blast watching it hang on its 24k wall mount!   Oh yeh, don't forget to write a check for $118,000.  (I am not sure if shipping is extra, so bring extra checks just in case.)