Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cold weather blows

Trying to be a good eco-citizen (and increase my training miles at the same time) I have been commuting to work on my bike these last 6 months.  Yet, for some reason Mother Nature doesn’t seem to appreciate it at all.  It has been getting colder and colder every passing day.  Here I am doing my best to reduce emissions and she is trying to freeze my ass off!    What’s up with that?!? 

The other day I reached my breaking point.  After a particularly cold day, I figured it was time to take action.  Did I buy an extra layer of clothes?  Hell no, that would only help me stay warm.  What about the rest of society?  Instead, I did what any reasonable person would have done in my situation.  I ran to the bathroom and collected as much aerosol hair spray canisters as I could.  I sprayed them all up into the sky.  After emitting as much CFCs as I had available, I felt much better that I had done my part in creating a bigger hole in the ozone, and hopefully contributing to global warming.

OK, OK.  Before you get your tree-hugging panties in a bunch, I did no such thing.  (Though I did consider it,) I figured I alone couldn’t do enough damage to our environment to significantly affect the weather.  Oh well.  Maybe all us outdoors types can agree to combine efforts to help rip the ozone a new one?  If we time it right, maybe we can make it a little warmer in the winter, and then lay off for a while to give things time to normalize before summer comes around.  Just a thought…