Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lose Weight Now – Shuddup!

I am so sick of this lose-weight, feel-great, get-in-shape media carpet-bombing that we all have been subject to. We cannot turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or even surf the web, without being told we are fat and out of shape. Isn’t there such a thing as body-image harassment? It seems like there should be a law against it or something.

What is the point of subjecting us to this type of pressure anyway? Is it to help us (like they claim)? Hell no!

  • If we need to lose weight, we know it. We don’t need some starving testosterone laden shrew smiling down on us, telling us how inadequate we are.
  • If we already lost weight, then what are they implying? We are not thin enough? That’s great…no matter what we do, we need to do more. Sounds like they are trying to invoke some sort of eating disorder on us.
  • If we never needed to lose weight, then this pressure is nothing but an absolute waste of time - both for the company trying to sell their refuse, and for the persecuted consumer.

Am I trying to demonize them? Simply put, "No." They already are demons. I am merely removing the mask. They will not give us a single day of rest. The Lord rested on the seventh day, yet they will not.  Need any more evidence?